Confined. A Novel

  • Published by The Litchfield Review Press, CT, 2009 (first edition); ahadada books, Toronto, 2013 (second edition)
  • Paperback 231 pages
  • “In Confined, Mariana Dietl speaks the voice of the unheard women in the Argentinean dictatorship of the seventies. This innovative polyphonic story brings a unique life to historical events and private lives that blend in a human universe at the same time fascinating and unbearable”

    Mariano Zaro

    “Dietl’s writing so skillfully transports readers into the world of the torture protagonist, that readers -especially if they have been abused or victimized by a military regime- may wish to view Elena as a symbol of her country, Argentina.”

    Alicia Partnoy “Lost Havens,” Women’s Review of Books, Jan/Feb 2011



    Alone, locked up in a room, enclosed by four gray walls, a woman scratches a hole in the wall, and tries to escape. In the ventilation system, hidden, a camera. On the other end of the camera, her husband; her captor. She is his desaparecida.

    In Confined, Elena Reyes de Basigalupo tries to survive starvation, isolation and insanity after she is locked-up in an attic by her husband, high-ranking military officer Rogelio Basigalupo. It is 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As the story unfolds we realize that it is not a mad man’s obsessive jealousy alone that put her there, but the clashing forces of a country at war with itself. Raised in an upper class Catholic family in the prosperous Argentina of the 1940’s and 50’s, Elena grew up while Juan Domingo Perón was in the pinnacle of his career and his wife Evita was forging the myth she would soon become, dividing Argentine society forever. As many others in her time, she defies the ruling establishment, and for that she cannot go unpunished.


    Winner of the Litchfield Review Press’ Fiction Award.
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